18 PCS Slide Hammer Puller Set

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Versatile Puller Set

Heavy Duty tool. It works well and is an absolute must-have for any hub bearing replacement.” - Diego U.

Why Buy This Set?

✅ Versatile: The set can be used in 9 different ways and it has 5 lbs slide hammer great for pulling flange-type rear axles, most front-wheel drive hubs, pulling dents, and other press-fit parts like bearings, bushings, gears, pulleys, etc.

✅ Durable: The components are made of carbon steel alloy and chrome vanadium steel that can withstand accidental drops and years of heavy use without breaking or rusting. These are all kept in a heavy-duty organizer case.

 Multi-functional: It pulls bearings, gears, and seals with 2-jaw and 3-jaw pullers for internal and external work. Most jobs use 2- and 3-way cross blocks, as well as a cone-type puller. For sheet metal or other specific pulling requirements, it includes a grip wrench adapter and a dent puller attachment.

📝Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the thread pitch of the slide hammer?

A: The set uses a standard 5/8 x 18 thread.

Q: Is it comfortable to pull?

A: The crossbar has a T-handle which makes it easy for you to grip and pull.