Solar Deck Lights

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Light Up Your Pathway From Dusk Till Dawn!

“For a slightly curved driveway, I wanted illumination for guests to maneuver safely after dark. These lights “do the trick.” I’ve wasted too much money on solar stake lights which the deer trampled on, and squirrels have a field day with. These screw into the driveway easily. No more wildlife hassles👍” - Allen R.

Why Buy Our Solar Deck Lights?

VERSATILE: These lights can be easily installed in your driveway, deck, garden, pathway, and more to light up your way. It has eco-friendly rechargeable solar panels that automatically recharge during the day and glows when night falls. 

CONVENIENT: Each light has 6 powerful LEDs, which give out strong and steady illumination. It also has a built-in 600mAh large storage battery, enough to supply the LEDs for up to 5 days. Quickly install it on any ground where it can absorb the sunlight directly. No wiring is needed. You can fix it with screws or glue.

WATERPROOF: Features IP67 waterproof rating that allows for downpours and submersion. Its high-quality metal frame can withstand up to 20 tons of pressure. It will not be damaged after trucks run over it and are hard enough for any road.

HIGH QUALITY: The lights are suitable for all kinds of environments and can make your garden or any other outdoor location more fashionable and pleasing. They are made of aluminum alloy with waterproof lights, making them durable, rust-resistant, and perfect for any weather condition.  


  • First-time use, solar deck lights (make sure to turn on the switch) are charged in the daytime for 6-8 hours under the sun and will turn on for 8-12 hours in the nighttime automatically. It can be mounted with the provided screws.
  • High reflective stickers make the road more visible to drivers by reflecting the car’s light to the driver's eye. 

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Screw hole size?

A: The screw hole size of each solar light is 0.39 inches.

Q: Which concrete glue to use?

A: You can use 3M glue and Stone Adhesive, a combination of the two, as a paste (note: it takes 5-7 hours after the paste to be completely secure).

Q: How to use these lights?


  • Step 1: Turn on the bottom switch to enter light-sensing mode. (Click to turn it on, and press it again to turn off the light manually)
  • Step 2: Test solar deck lights before installation. (Cover the solar panel with your hand, it will light up automatically).
  • Step 3: Find a place to install the lamp. Drill two holes in the ground. Insert the stopple. Drive on the screw. (This installation is easy to remove). Screw hole fits 5/16 inch drill. 
  • Step 4: The installation is complete. (Tip: Since the power supply may be lost during long-term transportation, we recommend putting it in the sun for approximately 3-5 days before fixing it to the ground).