5 Holes Spark Plug Tester

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Accurately Test 5 Spark Plugs At The Same Time!

"The spark plug tester works great and is ideal for testing new plugs before installing them in the car. It is pretty good overall. It is also a great way to see and compare a bad spark plug to a good one. - Ryan O.

Why Buy Our 5 Holes Spark Plug Tester?

✅CONVENIENT: This tester is designed to safely and quickly detect the performance and quality of spark plugs. With the function of simulating engine operating conditions, you can test the performance of 5 spark plugs according to different operating conditions. It can also accurately diagnose the potential problems of the tested spark plugs.

✅ADJUSTABLE: It features an adjustable working frequency ranging from 200 to 9,000 RPM that can cater to specific adjustments needed for precise measurement results. The higher the frequency, the higher the strength of the spark plug. It also has a built-in LED display and control buttons for a digitized and accurate reading. 

✅WIDE APPLICATION: The tester is compatible with spark plug testing of all crankshaft engines and motorcycles by simulating actual speed and testing the performance of the spark plugs at different RPMs. 

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does every hole needs to have a plug-in spark plug, or can you have only 2 or 3 inserted spark plugs?

A: You can use five spark plugs or just two or three. It depends on your actual situation.

Q: Can I use it on 220V?

A: Yes