Tire Puncture Tool With Mushroom Plugs

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A Better Sealing Solution To All Tubeless Tire Puncture!

Very easy to use! No more fighting to get the plug into the hole and get it to stay while trying to pull or remove the insertion tool. I have used it 3 times so far on Off-road Side x Side tires with no problems. Each plug worked 1st try with no glue or sticky stuff to deal with. Recommending this to all of my riding buddies!” - Jordan E.

Why Buy Our Tire Puncture Tool With Mushroom Plugs?

RELIABLE: The whole kit comes with all the tools essential for fixing a tire puncture, and it comes in a carry pouch for easy transport. It uses a spring-loaded gun that "drives" the plug into the hole to fix your puncture without removing the wheel and putting in any extra effort.

SECURE: This kit’s mushroom-shaped plugs are made of a unique combination of rubber that does not wear out with time compared to conventional puncture strips. It also fixes the puncture from the inside, and the stem of the plug seals the line of the puncture for a secured and sealed tire. 

WIDE APPLICATION: It is user-friendly and has a compact size, which makes it portable for long journeys. Suitable for all tubeless tires, such as cars, motorcycles, off-road vehicles, commercial fleet trucks, and more. 


  • This kit is considered a temporary repair on all street vehicles. No rubber cement or lubricant is necessary. Place the open bag of plugs in a zip-lock bag to keep them lubricated.
  • Do not attempt to repair punctures greater than 5/16th inch (7mm). "On the wheel" repairs are classified as an emergency only. 
  • The tire must not be run for more than 100 miles at speeds no greater than 50 mph until the tire is dismounted, inspected, and permanently repaired or replaced.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do you put glue on the plugs?

A: No, the plugs don't have glue but a silicon coating.

Q: How to use this?


  1. Find the puncture and remove any nail/needle from the affected area.
  2. Use a reamer to clean any burr or wires from the puncture hole.
  3. Push the mushroom into the plugger with the help of the nozzle without touching the head. 
  4. Load the mushroom plug into the gun tool from the top. Make sure it goes completely inside the gun tool. 
  5. Insert the nozzle into the tire using the probe tool. Unscrew the probe tool to leave the nozzle in the tire.
  6. Screw the gun into the nozzle and push the trigger on the gun to insert the mushroom plug until it stops.
  7. To remove the gun and nozzle from the tire, push the button at the end of the gun to pull it out, then pull the gun and nozzle from the tire.
  8. The puncture hole is now fixed with the mushroom plug.
  9. Inflate the tire and cut out the extra stem of the mushroom plug.