Track Clamps

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Add Extra Clamping Power To Your Cutting Tool!

I’ve used the Accu-cut system since it was put on the market. I always had issues with it slipping off wood & was forced to use hand clamps to hold it in place. Compared to those hand clamps, these track clamps make it so much easier to cut a piece of wood without having to stop to remove a hand clamp.” - Jonathan Miller

Why Buy Our Track Clamps?

RELIABLE: These clamps attach easily to track extensions or starting blocks when clamping is needed for a stable & safe cutting. It is also handy in creating shop-made jigs and fixtures. Simply slide the track clamp onto the track underside for extra holding power and start cutting!

VERSATILE: The clamps come in two with mounting hardware and are suitable for use with Accu-Cut, Accu-Cut XL, Accu-Cut Expansion Pack, Adaptive Cutting System Guide Track, and other track systems. 

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  What size bolt and thread pattern are on the clamps?

A: Those bolts are a 1/4-20.

Q: What is the maximum material thickness these clamps can be used on?

A: The maximum thickness with the current bolt will be 1-1/2".

Q: Do these clamps also fit into the Bosch guide rails?

A: These clamps will slide into a standard 1/4" T-track.