Tripod Work Light

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Light Up Your Worksite!

"This light doesn't just illuminate in all directions but is also insanely bright at all angles. I could see this being especially useful when painting or working on fine details. - John Kaur

Why Buy Our Tripod Work Light?

✅ILLUMINATES: Illuminate your worksite with our Tripod Work Light! Provides up to 8400 - 16,500 lumens you don’t need to worry bout orientation as it has a 360-degree coverage design. While being heavy-duty it is also easy enough to pick up and move depending on your needs. Ideal for commercial, industrial & family lighting needs.

✅PORTABLE: The tripod is removable for your own convenience as you can use it to hang anywhere it can fit from branches to bars. It can also be used to stand without a tripod for a more compact build in specific work sites. The wire included with it is 15ft and the design of the light is waterproof & dustproof, incredibly long-lasting & durable!

❗ Reminder ❗

  • Be careful when lighting it up, don’t stare directly at it, it’s very bright.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How many lumens does it have?

A: There are three variations with different outputs, there are: 8,400 lm, 12,000 lm & 16,500 lm.

Q: What’s the maximum height of the tripod?

A: The total height is 68 inches.