Trowel Support Tool

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Work On Any Floor More Comfortably!

“I liked the additional height supporting my left arm troweling thinset on the wall while on my knees. Cleans up easily with water and a wheel brush. It feels more comfortable doing the job with this tool..” - Leo A.

Why Buy Our Trowel Support Tool?

RELIABLE: This tool allows you to work in a more ergonomic, comfortable position for longer periods with higher productivity. It keeps your non-dominant hand supported to relieve the load on the back, arms, and shoulders while you work. So there’s less chance of back strain, arm, and shoulder pain.

EFFICIENT: It makes flooring installation more efficient as it provides support for better balance and less wrist strain. It also comes with removable anti-skid feet covers to protect your tiles, carpet, and parquet during installation. Perfect for laying tiles, drywall, adhesives, and more.

QUALITY DESIGN: The tool is made of premium-quality materials with a rubberized handle, ensuring durable, wear-resistant, and long-lasting use. It can also facilitate corner work and expand your reach, reducing the need to get up often during your application.


  • For extra care for your work, apply the removable non-slip covers when working on finished floors, carpets, tiles, and parquet.
  • On one of your hands, you use your trowel to apply adhesives/mortar/cement. While on the other hand, you will have optimal support preventing vertebrae twisting and keep your support hand at one comfortable angle.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How much body weight can I apply to the handle when leaning out on it, 50lb? 100lb? 150lb?

A: We chose high-quality material for the tool. 150 lbs will not be a problem.

Q: How long is it?

A: It has an overall length of 10.5 inches.