Water Heater Tank Rinser

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Clean Out Your RV Heater Tank!

"This is an excellent product. I once owned a rinser with a plastic rod, and it would flex from the pressure once inside the tank. The metal rod on this rinser does NOT flex, can get to the difficult corners of the tanks, and does an excellent job of removing the crusted sediment inside the tank. - Sawyer Mendoza

Why Buy Our Water Heater Tank Rinser?

✅FLUSHES: The Water Heater Tank Rinser flushes out your RV’s water heater tank with its varied spray patterns of nozzle mode, no nozzle, and loosened nozzle. It also has an adjustable water flower that makes this rinser great to use.

✅VERSATILE: This rinser can be used in various applications such as gardening, car washing, cleaning, etc., and not only cleaning out water heater tanks from RVs. This makes it so that it is a great buy and not just a specialized tool that you will use once a year.

✅CONVENIENT: It comes with a quick connector that fits with all ½” garden hoses and the base connector itself fits with all ¾” garden hoses. The design also has an on/off lock that cuts off the water whenever you want without going to the faucet.

✅ROD: It comes in two kits, one with the rinser without an anode rod and the other with an anode rod. The rod is magnesium and is the perfect sacrificial anode for your heater tank and protects the inside of your tank from corrosion.

❗ Reminder ❗

  • Remember to turn off the heater and pressure first.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the compatibility of the anode rod?

A: Compatible with all models of suburban RV Water Heater. It is incompatible with 1/2" thread or a 4.5-inch Length Rod

Q: What material is the anode rod?

A: It is made of magnesium.