Waterproof Car Trash Bin

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Keep Your Vehicle Pristine!

"It fits in the spot that I wanted perfectly, and it holds so much! It seems to hold way more than the unsightly plastic bag did. - Alex Schreiber

Why Buy Our Waterproof Car Trash Bin?

✅DISPOSAL: You don’t have to drive around to find a garbage can or have to put your kids putting trash everywhere with our Waterproof Car Trash Bin! It has a 2 or 3-gallon capacity depending on the variety you pick with various colors that match the color of your car! You don’t have to worry about throwing away cans of sodas or water bottles as the inner lining makes them leak & waterproof!

✅DESIGN: It has an included storage pocket where you can put your sunscreen, tissues, or whatever you want to store. It has included plastic liners that keep the trash bin square and rigid so that it doesn’t change shape. It’s easy to wipe down & clean and It can also be just used as a normal storage bin for your items.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Where do the 4 plastic bendy clips go?

A: You put one in the pocket formed on the back of each handle on the side. That’s two. Then you put one across the bottom of each side pocket that makes the bag square from top to bottom.

Q: Does it come with trash bags?

A: Yes, it comes with two pieces included.