68pcs Heavy Duty Tire Plug Kit

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Plug Up Punctured Tires Easily!

"I didn't think I could do it but this kit made it extremely simple, it has instructions & everything you need. Cheaper & faster too! - Isaac Davidson

Why Buy Our 68pcs Heavy Duty Tire Plug Kit?

✅REPAIR: Get back on the road in no time with this comprehensive tire repair kit. It has everything you need, and its universal design ensures compatibility with all tubeless tires. With easy-to-follow instructions, anyone can quickly and effortlessly plug their flat tire, saving you time and hassle. Don't let a flat tire slow you down - grab this kit and be prepared for any unexpected mishaps on the road.

✅QUALITY: Made from refined high-quality steel, our upgraded tire patch kits meet rigorous standards, allowing you to tackle even the toughest tires on the market. With excellent adhesion, flexibility, and shock absorption, our tire puncture repair set ensures long-lasting repairs and optimal air tightness. This versatile kit is suitable for all types of tires, from cars and motorcycles to ATVs and trucks.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do the plugs need to be sticky?

A: The plugs need to be a little sticky for better results.

Q: Does the plug require vulcanizing glue to form a seal?

A: No, all plugs do not come with glue. The kit does come with lubricant, there is no air loss after the repair.