Air Admittance Valve Kit

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Eliminate Sewer Odor From Your Sink!

"I installed this with matching PVC pipes & immediately the sewage smell was gone! I've been using the sink for an hour & so far no smell! Not to mention it's super easy to install it yourself! - Mateo Velez

Why Buy Our Air Admittance Valve Kit?

✅SEALS: The Air Admittance Valve Kit seals your sinks and prevents any sewer odors and stinks from coming into your home via the kitchen or bathroom sinks. The valve itself is dual seal and works automatically without little to no maintenance.

✅INSTALL: It comes pre-assembled for you and is intuitive to install. Doesn’t require any technical know-how only a can-do attitude! The kit itself has a fitting of 1 and ½”. Fits most sinks and is easily configurable.

✅DURABLE: Made of high-quality material this kit is made to last for years. It is made with reliability and long-term use in mind.

❗ Reminder ❗

  • Make sure when you install it that it is a tight seal

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I connect this to a 1-¼” bathroom sink?

A: It comes with a gasket to allow it to adapt to 1 1/4” pipe.

Q: Does it come pre-assembled?

A: Yes it does.