Heavy-Duty Adjustable Magnetic Square

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Weld With Perfect Angles Easily!

"Best magnet I got for my welding station. Way better and stronger than the red ones welders usually use. The on/off button is great because it's always dust free! - Michael Clemens

Why Buy Our Heavy-Duty Adjustable Magnetic Square?

✅SQUARES: Have an easier time welding your tubes or pieces with our Heavy Duty Adjustable Magnetic Square! It has a switch that rotates the magnet inside, making it so that you can turn the magnetism on and off which makes for a much easier time setting up your angles when welding. The shape of this square makes it so that you can set up angles from 45° to 90° angles!

✅STRONG: It has a pulling force of up to 160 lbs making it useful for heavy tubes or metal pieces. Because of its switch nature, you can turn off the magnetism making it easy to clean off the magnetic dust that will cling to it when in use, making it incredibly convenient compared to squares that are always magnetic. The magnets are also high-quality as it is made from strong and rare earth magnets.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How strong is it?

A: It can pull up to 160 lbs.

Q: Is it only for 90° angles?

A: No, it can work for 45° to 90° angles.