HVAC Bender Kit

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Versatile Pipe Bending Kit!

"I use them on linesets for ACs. They save so many braze joints! Along with my tubing expanders, I barely need any fittings.- Silas Rodriguez

Why Buy Our HVAC Bender Kit?

✅BENDS: The Pipe Bender Kit bends your pipes from soft copper, aluminum & thin-walled steel pipes sizes ¼” to ⅞” with only one arm! Get more consistent and amazing results with this kit.

✅REVERSE: You can also reverse bend your pipes, giving you more versatility and options on how you can tackle your pipe bending problems. Cuts up to 2” pipes. You no longer need to buy another tool to get this usability!

✅CUTS: It has an included pipe cutter with the kit which makes it incredibly easy and convenient when you need to start cutting your bent pipes. All of the tools you need in one kit.

✅DEBURRS: There is also an included deburring tool that smoothens out the edges of your cuts and makes the fitting as perfect as possible. Prevents debris buildup and all sorts of nasty problems from an imperfect job.

✅STURDY: Made with only the finest materials, our kit can withstand even the toughest jobs with ease, giving you the confidence you need to get the job done right. Get a tool kit that will last you for years to come!

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can you use it with hard tubing?

A: No, it is designed for soft copper tubing.

Q: Does it work with L-type copper?

A: Yes, It works with all soft copper tubing.