Pipe Tube Polisher

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Polish Your Pipes To A Mirror Shine!

"I found the weight to actually be helpful in reducing the amount of pressure that I had to apply in use. It works well when used with a good-quality sanding belt. I wish I had purchased this years ago for the products that I make. I can hardly believe the super expensive alternatives could do a more effective job. - Kieran Velez

Why Buy Our Pipe Tube Polisher?

✅POLISHES: The Pipe Tube Polisher polishes your tubes to a mirror shine with 800 watts of power with an rpm ranging from 700 to 3000. The coarse 80-grit belt when pressed against a surface follows the shape and polishes it without needing to turn the tube every second to get the correct angle.


✅DIVERSE: It can polish steel, plastic, and wood. This makes it perfect for those who are dealing with more than one material or even those who only need it for one type of material. With its heavy-duty power, it can handle these and make them beautiful and smooth.

✅SIMPLE: It has a power switch right where your thumb would be handling the device, the device when turned on starts off slowly to avoid accidents. It also has a speed dial on the bottom with 6 settings from 700 to 3000 rpm.

✅DURABLE: It’s made to withstand professional workload and it has an efficient heat dissipation design which makes handling the device for long periods of time comfortable.

❗ Reminder ❗

  • Works for pipes with a diameter up to 180mm.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does this work with wood?

A: Yes, it can polish wood as well.

Q: How much wattage does it need?

A: It needs 800W to work properly.