Rocket Wood Stove

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Cook With Only Sticks!

"I bought two of these stoves after watching my neighbor boil water in a camping kettle in under 5 minutes using nothing but a handful of small stems and one small pine cone from his lawn. Really impressive stove. - Karl Mulligan

Why Buy Our Rocket Wood Stove?

✅COOKS: Make an amazing fire that can cook the most delicious dishes while being warm on a cold outdoor night with our Rocket Wood Stove! It has a sleek design that allows the fire to heat up and create less smoke while using as little fuel as possible such as sticks & twigs.

✅DESIGN: Comes in a 5” or 4” diameter that has an air inlet that doubles as well as an ash inlet that is adjustable to let out how much fire you want. The fuel chamber is also sufficiently large enough for larger pieces of fuel but it can be used with sticks and twigs.

✅QUALITY: Made of sleek black carbon steel that will limit the visible damage from using it with powerful flames night and night again. Has a wide cooking base that makes it easy to cook and a stable wide four-legged design that keeps it stable while in use.

❗ Reminder ❗

  • Be careful when using it as it can get hot very quickly.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What type of insulation is installed around the fuel chamber?

A: There is a layer of thermal insulation cotton.

Q: Can I use charcoal?

A: Yes, it can use most fuels as long as it fits.