Sanding Mouse Block

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Sand Effortlessly!

"My sandpapers keep getting ripped up from my usual sanding block, I tried this out and I was surprised it works so well! The velcro bottom grips really tight to the paper and holds on. I definitely recommend it! - Wade Miller

Why Buy Our Sanding Mouse Block?

✅SAND: The Sanding Mouse Block makes sanding so much easier without having to rip out your sanding paper by being able to grip the sanding discs properly and not having any play. Much easier to use and more efficient than normal sanding blocks.

✅ERGONOMIC: The design resembles that of a desktop computer mouse, which makes it easier to grip and use compared to normal sandling blocks which are just flat surfaces and create a lot of tension on your hand. A better grip means better results in a faster time!

✅CONVENIENT: It is designed for 5-inch sanding discs from orbital sanders which makes it incredibly convenient to use for people who already have orbital sanders and have a workload in front of them that don’t need an electronic sander! It is also cheap to get 5-inch sanding discs than to buy a full-on orbital sander!

✅DURABLE: It is incredibly durable, it can even withstand being run over by a car and still retain its shape! It will last for years and will be there whenever, wherever you need it!

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What sandpaper does it work with?

A: It works with 5-inch sanding discs or standard round sanding discs.

Q: What material is it made out of?

A: It is made of rubber.