Silent Sump Pump Check Valve

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Eliminate Water Hammer Noise In Your Sump Pump!

This valve was easy to install. Just slip over the 1-1/2" discharge pipe. My old check valve was chattering when the pump shut off. This valve closes quietly and does not chatter. My pump is quiet now. The problem was solved easily, and no more water hammer sound!” - Ricky Miller

Why Buy Our Silent Sump Pump Check Valve?

QUIET OPERATION: This check valve has a unique spring-loaded flapper that helps eliminate the water hammer noise that standard check valves produce, bringing a quiet operation to your sump pump. It comes with stainless steel clamps and Buna-N rubber couplings for quick installation. 

CLEAR BUILT: With the valve's clear body, it's easy to confirm visually that pumped contents are moving, the pipes are not clogged, and the pump in the basin is fully operational. The clamps and couplings fit 1-1/2" pipes and are within a 5-1/8" gap.

RELIABLE: It is designed to keep pumped water within the discharge pipe from falling back into the sump basin. A fully functional sump pump check valve can increase the pump's life expectancy by preventing water from being pumped twice.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can this check valve be installed horizontally?

A: Yes, it can be installed horizontally.

Q: What is the crack pressure for this valve?

A: The MAX pressure is 20PSI and is designed to operate with as small as a 1/4 HP Sump Pump at 10 feet of lift.

Q: Will the check valve still close if installed with the flow facing down instead of up?

A: As long as you install your check valve so that the arrows on the housing point in the same direction as your flow to discharge, this will still work; you can install this product inline in any discharge.