TPMS Relearn Tool

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Quickly Reset Your Tires Without A Hassle!

“This tool worked like a charm on my 2007 Cadillac Escalade when I got completely new rims, tires, and AC Delco sensors. It is an essential tool! I don’t need to go to each tire and put air in and take the air out to learn each tire. The instructions that came with it had pictures and were simple and easy to do. The whole thing took 5mins. I highly recommend this for relearning your tires.” - Rick R.

Why Buy Our TPMS Relearn Tool?

EASY TO USE: This tool can easily reprogram all your tires in just 3 three steps. First, make sure your car is in the TPMS learn mode, then hold it on the tire's sidewall near the valve stem, and while holding the tool against the tire sidewall, press the learn button. Once you relearn all tires, the car will horn twice, indicating that it has been completed.

EFFICIENT: The tool is an efficient way of retraining your GM TPMS after having tire rotations, tire pressure sensor replacement, or remote control door lock receiver module replacement. It is much better than going to a dealer to get your pressure sensors to reset, saving both time and money.

COMPATIBILITY: It works on most 2006 to 2022 GM vehicles such as Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, Opel, Cadillac, and more that is equipped with 315/433 MHz TPMS sensors. 


  • It will not function if you bought aftermarket sensors with the wrong frequency.
  • To properly use this tool, follow these instructions:
    • Set the vehicle in TPMS learning mode. (car horns twice)
    • Start the relearn procedure with the left front tire and point the antenna in the correct location. Press and release the learn button. You will hear the car horn once it's done, and then you can proceed to the next tire.
    • Reset the TPMS sensors in the following order: front left, front right, rear right, rear left.
    • The car will horn twice once all sensors have been reset, indicating that the TPMS re-learn is complete.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How does this unit tell me which tire sensor has failed?

A: If you have a failed tire sensor, the unit won't relearn, and you won't be able to continue to move through the sequence of relearning the other tires.

Q: How to activate the learning mode?


  1. Set the gear to the P position.
  2. Use the cruise to select TPMS re-learn mode in the dashboard settings.
  3. Once the horn rings twice and the TPMS indicator illuminates, the learning mode has been initiated successfully. (If available, the message center will show the front left (LF) tire.)