Under Furniture Magnetic Air Vent Extender

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Easily Promotes More Air Flow To Your House!

“This extender solved a problem I've been struggling with for years. Our master bedroom is the infamous room in the house that's hotter (or colder) than all the others, depending on the season. One piece of furniture is preventing good circulation, and this was the fix. I instantly noticed a difference.” - Mary Ann Taylor

Why Buy Our Under Furniture Magnetic Air Vent Extender?

EFFICIENT: Effectively redirect the airflow of your vents into your desired place instead of limiting the air under your furniture for greater comfort and increased energy efficiency. It fits any 10” and 12” wide air vents and extends up to 33” with a 12” opening, perfect for unique room setups or under large pieces of furniture. 

MAGNETIC: It uses powerful neodymium magnets that can easily and securely be attached to steel vents. It also has 3M adhesive dots that locks the extender sections together. Once installed, it will be there to stay!

QUALITY DESIGNED: This extender is made of 1.5mm thick premium PET plastic, which is flexible and durable. It also increases airflow by 20& and is 50% thicker than any extender on the market today.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the height measurement?

A: The height of the Extender is 1.5". It should fit under most furniture. 

Q: Does the use of this product affect the efficiency of a central air conditioning system?

A: No, it only directs the cool air where you want it.

Q: Will this work on a wall or ceiling register?

A: No, it is only designed for floor use.